Number of Makki and Madani Surah

List of Makki and Madani Surah in Quran – Total Chapters of Quran

How Many Surahs in Quran?

Do you know the total number of Makki and Madani Surah in Quran? The total number of Surahs in the Quran is 114 (one hundred and one forty-four).

In the Quran, There are 114 Chapters, some are the Makki, and some are Madani. The Quran is the religious text of Islam, the book that Muslims believe to be a revelation from Allah.

The name “Quran” means recitation. The verses within each surah are referred to as Ayats. Some are Makki surah and some are Madani surah in Quran. There are some rumors about a number of makki and madani chapters in Quran-e-Pak.

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How Many Chapters and Verses in Quran:

There are 86 Makki chapters and 28 Madni chapters in the Quran. I’m sharing the list of the total number of Makki and Madani surahs in the Quran along with the number of verses in each surah of the Quran.

The first column shows the number and the second column is showing the number of chapters in the Quran and the third column is showing the total Verses in each chapter of the Quran.

No Chapters Name Verses
1 Al-Fatiha (Makki) 7
2 Al-Baqarah (Madni) 286
3 Ali ‘Imran (Madni) 200
4 An-Nisa (Madni) 176
5 Al-Ma’idah (Madni) 120
6 Al-An’am (Makki) 165
7 Al-Araf (Makki) 206
8 Al-Anfal (Madni) 75
9 At-Tawbah (Madni) 129
10 Yunus (Makki) 109
11 Hud (Makki) 123
12 Yusuf (Makki) 111
13 Ar-Ra’d (Madni) 43
14 Ibrahim (Makki) 52
15 Al-Hijr (Makki) 99
16 An-Nahl (Makki) 128
17 Al-Israa (Makki) 111
18 Al-Kahf (Makki) 110
19 Maryam (Makki) 98
20 Taha (Makki) 135
21 Al-Anbya (Makki) 112
22 Al-Hajj (Madni) 78
23 Al-Mu’minun (Makki) 118
24 An-Nur (Madni) 64
25 Al-Furqan (Makki) 77
26 Surah Ash-Shuaraa (Makki) 227
27 Surah An-Naml (Makki) 93
28 Surah Al-Qasas (Makki) 88
29 Surah Al-Ankabut (Makki) 69
30 Surah Ar-Rum (Makki) 60
31 Surah Luqman (Makki) 34
32 Surah As-Sajda (Makki) 30
33 Surah Al-Ahzab (Madani) 73
34 Surah Saba (Makki) 54
35 Surah Fatir (Makki) 45
36 Surah Yasin (Makki) 83
37 Surah As-Saffat (Makki) 182
38 Surah Sad (Makki) 88
39 Surah Az-Zumar (Makki) 75
40 Surah Al-Mumin (Makki) 85
41 Surah Ha-Mim (Makki) 54
42 Surah Ash-Shura (Makki) 53
43 Surah Az-Zukhruf (Makki) 89
44 Surah Ad-Dukhan (Makki) 59
45 Surah Al-Jathiya (Makki) 37
46 Surah Al-Ahqaf (Makki) 35
47 Surah Muhammad (Madni) 38
48 Surah Al-Fath (Madni) 29
49 Surah Al-Hujurat (Madni) 18
50 Surah Qaaf (Makki) 45
51 Surah Az-Zariyat (Makki) 60
52 Surah At-Tur (Makki) 49
53 Surah An-Najm (Makki) 62
54 Surah Al-Qamar (Makki) 55
55 Surah Al-Rahman (Madni) 78
56 Surah Al-Waqi’a (Makki) 96
57 Surah Al-Hadid (Madni) 29
58 Surah Al-Mujadila (Madni) 22
59 Surah Al-Hashr (Madni) 24
60 Surah Al-Mumtahana (Madni) 13
61 Surah As-Saff (Madni) 14
62 Surah Al-Jumu’ah (Madni) 11
63 Surah Al-Munafiqun (Madni) 11
64 Surah At-Tagabun (Madni) 18
65 Surah At-Talaq (Madni) 12
66 Surah At-Tahrim (Madni) 12
67 Surah Al-Mulk (Makki) 30
68 Surah Al-Qalam (Makki) 52
69 Surah Al-Haqqa (Makki) 52
70 Surah Al-Ma’arij (Makki) 44
71 Surah Noah (Makki) 28
72 Surah Al-Jinn (Makki) 28
73 Surah Al-Muzzammil (Makki) 20
74 Surah Al-Muddathth (Makki) 56
75 Surah Al-Qiyamat (Makki) 40
76 Surah Ad-Dahr (Madni) 31
77 Surah Al-Mursalat (Makki) 50
78 Surah An-Nabaa (Makki) 40
79 Surah An-Naziat (Makki) 46
80 Surah Abasa (Makki) 42
81 Surah At-Takwir (Makki) 29
82 Surah Al-Infitar (Makki) 19
83 Surah Al-Mutaffife (Makki) 36
84 Surah Al-Inshiqaq (Makki) 25
85 Surah Al-Buruj (Makki) 22
86 Surah At-Tariq (Makki) 17
87 Surah Al-Ala (Makki) 19
88 Surah Al-Gashiya (Makki) 26
89 Surah Al-Fajr (Makki) 30
90 Surah Al-Balad (Makki) 20
91 Surah Ash-Shams (Makki) 15
92 Surah Al-Lail (Makki) 21
93 Surah Adh-Dhuha (Makki) 11
94 Surah Al-Sharh (Makki) 8
95 Surah At Tin (Makki) 8
96 Surah Al-Alaq (Makki) 19
97 Surah Al-Qadr (Makki) 5
98 Surah Al-Baiyina (Madni) 8
99 Surah Al-Zalzalah (Madni) 8
100 Surah Al-Adiyat (Makki) 11
101 Surah Al-Qaria (Makki) 11
102 Surah At-Takathur (Makki) 8
103 Surah Al-Asr (Makki) 3
104 Surah Al-Humaza (Makki) 9
105 Surah Al-Fil (Makki) 5
106 Surah Quraish (Makki) 4
107 Surah Al-Maun (Makki) 7
108 Surah Kausar (Makki) 3
109 Surah Al-Kafirun (Makki) 6
110 Surah An-Nasr (Madni) 3
111 Surah Al-Lahab (Makki) 5
112 Surah Al-Ikhlas (Makki) 4
113 Surah Al-Falaq (Makki) 5
114 Surah An-Nas (Makki) 6

Difference Between Makki and Madani Surahs:

Am I going to tell you the basic difference between the Makki and Madni Surah? Here you will find an imperative guide undoubtedly!

There are some characteristics of both, Makki and Madani Surah, which make them unique to each other. If you are interested in knowing more about both types of Surahs, then you can scroll down to consult the related information.

In general, the Holy Quran was revealed over 23 years of the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).  Holy Quran was first revealed in Makkah, then finished his mission in Madina.

When it comes to memorization of the Quran, Makki Surahs are comparatively easy to hifz because of their easy rhyming words. Whereas Madani Surahs, having commands, obligations, and laws in them, take time to be memorized.

The majority of the platforms provide a structured plan for the best Quran memorization online courses where they arrange the Makki surahs first for students. Once the hafiz gain momentum, they start Madani Surah too.

Makki Surahs in Quran:

Remember, Every Surah with a Sajdah is Makki Surah. And every Surah, with the exception of Surah Al-Baqarah, in which the story of Adam (A.S) and Iblis (Shaitan) finds mentioned is Makki.

While, the surahs with short verses, a strong rhetorical style and rhythmic sound is called Makki Surah.

Characteristics of Makki Surahs:

Makki Surahs are generally brief. They deal with the following:

  • Belief in the oneness of Allah.
  • Belief in the Day of Judgment.
  • Belief in the rewards for good deeds and punishments for bad deeds.
  • Belief in the Heaven and the Hell.
  • The moral character of a person.
  • Invitation to virtue.

Madani Surahs in Quran:

The Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) moved to Madina. Madina Surahs emphasized on establishing Islamic laws, monetary transactions, ethics, family laws, morals and the relationship of Islam and Muslims with other world religions. The main symbol of Madani Surah is,  in which permission of  “jihad” or a description of its injunctions has been given is Madani Surah.

Similarly, every verse which mentions the hypocrites is Madani Surahs, with arguments with the People of the Book (Jews, Christians).

Characteristics of Madani Surahs:

The characteristics of the Madani Surahs are completely different from the characteristics of Makki Surahs. These chapters are also generally lengthy. They contain:

  • Social duties and obligations.
  • Permission and commandments relating to Jihad.

Final Words:

In conclusion, I hope this article was clear enough to help you understand the difference between Makki and Madani Surah and also now you know how many chapters and verses are in the Quran.

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