Surah Fatiha Transliteration

Surah Fatiha Transliteration – The First Chapter of Quran Majeed

Surah Fatiha Transliteration: Surah Fatiha is the most easy and memorize chapter in Quran Majeed. The Holy Book Quran is a priceless and guidance book for the Muslims. On top of that, each and every word of this holy book of...
surah fatiha in english

Surah Fatiha in English – The Easy and Memorize Surah in Quran

Surah Fatiha in English: If you can't read Arabic then recite surah Fatiha in English. This first chapter of Holy Quran, Surah Fatiha is also known as Umm-ul-Quran or the "Mother of Quran". Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said, “Do you want...
surah fatiha in arabic

Surah Fatiha in Arabic (The First Chapter of Quran)

Surah Fatiha in Arabic: Recite surah Fatiha in Arabic with English translation. The al-Fatiha (The Opener) was revealed in Mecca. It is the Makki Surah of Quran Majeed that means it was revealed on Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)...
Surah Fatiha arabic

Surah Fatiha (The Opener) Arabic and English Translation With Benefits

Surah Fatiha Importance and Benefits: The Quran is the last Holy book of Allah. Each and every word of Quran-e-Pak is priceless for every Muslim. Surah Al-Fatiha the very first chapter of holy book Quran. Moreover, there are 114 chapters in Quran,...


Dua for Entering Mosque – Supplication Upon Entering the Mosque

Dua for Entering Mosque: Here you will learn about the dua for entering mosque (Masjid me dakhil hone ki Dua). It is the most important part of...