Surah Al Rahman Benefits to Resolve Routine Problems

surah al rahman benefits

Surah Al-Rahman:

Surah Al Rahman is the great surah of Quran Pak in which we find the solutions to all diseases and all difficulties of our routine life. It is known as “the beauty of the Quran”.

This Surah consists of 78 verses and it is ‘Madni Chapter‘. Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (A.S.) has said that reciting this Surah on Friday after the dawn prayers carry the great reward.

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Surah NameAl-Rahman
Surah Number55
No. of Verses78
No. of Rukus3
PositionJuzʼ 27

The beautiful verse of this Surah describes its summary;

فَبِأَيِّ آلَاء رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ

“So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” (55:13)

Surah Rahman is named after one of the most beautiful names of Allah. This Surah shows examples of Divine Grace and restates the importance of various blessings of Allah.

Surah Al Rahman Benefits:

Surah Al-Rahman recitation should be a common practice of every Muslim on daily basis. Some key benefits of Surah Al Rahman are as follows:

1- For Protection:

If Surah Rahman is recited in the daytime, an angel guards the reciter until  sunset and if It is recited at the night time, Allah Almighty sends an angel to guard him until he wakes up.

2- For Solving Problems:

Writing it on the walls of the house keeps away all kinds of household problems. Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) said that a person who recites the Surah al Rahman and dies is considered a martyr. It cures eye ailments as well.

3- For help on the day of Judgment:

Allah would have pity on the reciter of Surah Al Rahman on the day of judgment and if a person who writes this surah and keeps it with him/her, his/her all problems are resolved. Chapter of Quran Al-Rahman will come to us as a handsome human being at the day of judgment.

4- For Purification of Heart:

One who will recite Surah al-Rahman regularly after Isha Salah Allah will purify his heart, and you will die in the state of purity.

5- Surah Rahman For Marriage:

Many of the people recite this Surah al Rahman for the marriage of their daughters with the help of Allah Almighty. So, now I am going to tell you about how to recite this Surah for marriage.

Recite Drood-e-Pak 11 times, then recite Surah Al Rahman, and then again Drood e Pak 11 times. You must recite in this way every day. The Surah should be recited at the same place at the same time. Insha-Allah within 21 days, your daughter will be get married with the grace of Allah.

7- Surah Rahman For Patients:

Surah ar Rahman is the solution of all problems and diseases including depression, blood pressure, sugar, cancer, and diabetes, HCV, heart disease and many others. I refer to recite Surah Rahman therapy aimed at controlling a person’s levels of anxiety, usually for the purpose of improving everyday functioning. To listening Surah Rahman is healing the wounds of the soul of a person.

Cancer, diabetes, hepatitis C, kidney disease, heart problem and other disorders can be cured by listening to this Blessed Surah Al Rahman. All of the chronic diseases which are being faced by the many patients of the world can be vanished by listening Surah Rahman of Holy Quran. When SHIFA (health) from Allah Almighty will certainly be granted, your belief should be strong enough.

So, any person who is facing the chronic disease like cancer should listen to Surah Rahman daily for some days. He/she will definitely get rid of  this disease. Marriage obstacles, job issues, health disorders, family disputes or many other problems can be solved by listening this Surah.

However, believe that Allah Almighty cures your disease as He is the only one who makes such decisions concerning life and death.

Final Words:

For getting all kinds of benefits, status of a martyred and forgiveness from Allah; recite prestigious Surah Rahman every day.


    • when one drinks its usually the devil tempting us to do bad which will result into doing more things that are bad which could lead into a divorce which is what syaitan loves the most. . trying to listen to some ruqyah for punishing jin/syaitan on youtube and follow reciting it and pray that your husband stops drinking. Never stop doing it.

  1. My khala, she had a brain stroke and is paralysed. Doctors says she cant understand what you are saying to her. Her arm and tongue is paralysed.
    Apart from all this she is a strong woman.
    Please pray for her and tell me what should we do to bring her back to her original state.

    • A lot of patients who were facing choronicle diseases by different aspects of life they got cured just by listening to Surah Ar-Rahman!
      Cancer, Diabetes, Hepatitis C, Kidney, Heart problems and any other sickness is nothing in front of Surah Ar-Rahman.
      By listening to this “BLESSES SURAH” of the Holy Quran All choronicle disease can be cured in just few days! Your belief should be strong enough then the SHIFA (Health) of Allah (S.W.A) will certainly be granted.

  2. Assalamualaikum wa rehmatul lahi wabarakatahu..after which prayer should surah ar rehmaan should be recited and weather the place for reciting surah can be changed

    • It’s up to you. If you asking the question regarding surah al-Rahman wazifa then you must choose one specific time. After Isha best time but choose time which suits you.

  3. Assalam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakathuhu

    My parents are seeking proposals for me and they are many proposals which are I am not satisfied with

    By reciting Surah Ar – Rahman, will it guide me to the right man chosen by Allah for me?

  4. I also want to know what does at the same time mean here?? Does it mean like if i first recite at 10 p.m. so second day also at 10 p.m. or does it mean if i recite after isha so after second time also after isha at any time?? Please clear this point for me..
    And also tell me how many days i have to do this amal?

    • Recite Drood-e-Pak 11 times, Surah Al Rahman, 11 times and then again Drood e Pak 11 times. You must recite in this way every day. The Surah Rahman should be recited at the same place at the same time. InSha-Allah within 21 days, your daughter will be get married with the grace of Allah.

  5. I want to read it for my marriage.
    Even the clothes have to be the same everyday or different clothes will do
    Also can I read the surah on the bed or should i have to read it on musallah only.

  6. I m reciting it from 21 days . My sister didnt get married. What would i do?? Do i continue or the amal is only for 21 days??

  7. Assalam O Alaikum,
    I am reading surah rehman 3 times with darood shareef 11 times before and after for my marriage after zohar prayer, from 6 days but nothing so far. Should i change to reading surah rehman to 11 times instead and also change time of reading. Please advise.

  8. Can I do the wazifa of ya latifo 150 times after isha for marriage since my mother is not in the best of health and father passed away.

  9. And i wanted to mention in the above message that i am divorced and have 1 daughter so i am doing wazifa for second mariage. Jazakallah


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