prayer for forgiveness

Ask clemency by making prayer for forgiveness

Prayer for Forgiveness: Forgiveness is what we need at some point of our life. When we realize that we have spend our precious time in doing sins and transgressions. Then it is the right time to make prayer for forgiveness. Forgiveness...
spiritual warfare prayers

Make spiritual warfare prayers to defeat the enemy

Devil is always with you to distract you in the spiritual journey and leads you to the wrong path. To defeat the devil and win the right path it is important to make the spiritual warfare prayers. You can...
prayer for surgery

How to get cure by making prayer for surgery – Complete detail

Praying for somebody who is sick can really affect the health of the person (for whom prayer is being made) in a positive way. Many religions give importance to the prayer for surgery along with the medical treatment. Importance of...
prayer for guidance

How to do the prayer for guidance in crucial times

Prayer For Guidance In Career: Prayer is the light in the darkness. It is a deciding tool in the kingdom of the gloom of darkness. Every person needs a path that could lead him to the success. To find your...
St. Anthony prayer

The unfailing St. Anthony prayer to ask for aid and lost

St. Anthony was a priest who has been attributed as the wonder worker for his work done for people. St. Anthony prayer mentions specific requests including the aid to pregnant women and help to the commuters. St. Anthony is...


Dua When You Entering the Home – Supplication Upon Entering Home

Dua When You Entering the Home: Do you know the Islamic dua when you entering the home (Gher mein Dakhil hone ki dua)? As you know that...