spiritual warfare prayers

Make spiritual warfare prayers to defeat the enemy

Devil is always with you to distract you in the spiritual journey and leads you to the wrong path. To defeat the devil and win the right path it is important to make the spiritual warfare prayers. You can find the words in the prayers to tell the devil to be gone from your mind.

What is warfare prayer?

Everyone wants to spend a sinless life but there is an enemy who is always there to lead you to the wrong path. Every wrong deed a man does make the Lord angry and the person gets the punishment of the fire of hell in the life here after.

But to avoid the sins and to get an eternal success there are spiritual warfare prayers that helps one to defeat the Satan. These prayers help to fight against the devil that always distracts in daily life and good habits.

It is said in the Ephesians.6:18 prayers are commanded in the context of putting on the shield of God. Warfare prayers strengthen the attitude of take control attitude. Commonly warfare prayers include I statements and according to biblical view one should not directly speak with the devil. Always ask for help to the Lord. Devil always try to make your faith in the Lord weak so always have faith that the ALMIGHTY will always help you.

How to find out that you are under attack?

When a person is under attack of some disease then the symptoms identify that what kind of disease it is and how will it be cured. Similarly it is important to recognize the symptoms that identify that you are spiritually under attack of some unseen demon. This is time to identify and then making of spiritual warfare prayers.  

spiritual warfare prayers

To turn you away from right:

First thing what devil does is to turn you away from the right path the path which is the will of God. So when you feel that you’re losing spiritual desire then you are under attack of some unseen power.

Your eyes on money:

When you think that money is most important thing in life and you pay all your attention towards making more and more money and doing your eyes off of right things then you are under attack.

When you feel helpless:

When you feel helpless in crucial times and lose faith that one day this darkness will turn into the light then you are under attack as the demons want you too loose your faith.

Prayer less life:

If you’re spending life with no prayer or making less prayer then it is the symptom that you are following the way that leads to the hell.

Use your spiritual weapons to win:

Once you have identified the symptoms then it is the time to recite the spiritual warfare prayers. Understand that you are in the war with an enemy who is not visible to you but is making you weak and destroying your spiritual life. So make yourself skilled with the spiritual weapons that are the prayers.

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