St. Anthony prayer

The unfailing St. Anthony prayer to ask for aid and lost

St. Anthony was a priest who has been attributed as the wonder worker for his work done for people. St. Anthony prayer mentions specific requests including the aid to pregnant women and help to the commuters. St. Anthony is famous for his quiet prayers that can be beseech at any time or one can recite these prayers by making a novena of days.

Who was St. Anthony?

St. Anthony was a catholic friar born in Lisbon, Portugal. His name was Fernando Martins. He is portrayed in the art as holding the child Jesus, a Lilly flower or a book in his arms. At the age of fifteen Fernando was sent to the monastery of Santa cruise in the Coimbra where he learn Latin and theology. When he left abbey he changed his name to Anthony.

St. Anthony then traveled to morocco for the preaching of his religion but during the voyage he went sick and returned to Portugal. During his recovery from illness he spent most of the time in praying silently.

When the Dominican friars came to visit the Franciscans there was a confusion of who would begin the homily. Then the preeminent of the Franciscan hermitage asked Anthony to present the homily. His homily was eloquent and impressive.

His teachings were simple and easily understandable. His prayers and teachings are called the St. Anthony prayer for finding aid to get the lost articles and to help the poor etc.

Preaching started by St. Anthony:

After delivering an impressive lecture in front of DominicaSt. Anthony prayern and Franciscans his hall of fame reached at Assisi and then he started preaching instead of quiet St. Anthony prayer. He was asked to preach in the north Italy. He made many trips probably more than 390 trips. Anthony realized that poor people do not pay attention towards the teachings of the priest who is rich. It is necessary to preach the poor people with conditions like them. So he did so.

Incident of Teaching to the Fish:

Once the St. Anthony tried to preach to the skeptics about the bible they did not listen to him so he went and started preaching to fish. He did this for his satisfaction that he is performing his duty of preaching to others when skeptics saw that fish are gathering they thought that they should also listen him what is he saying.

Prayers of St. Anthony:

An incident occurred in his life after which people attached the prayer with him to get the stolen or lost articles back. People said that they will vow bread to poor in the dignity of St. Anthony if they found their lost article then they found their belongings.

Titles of St. Anthony:

St. Anthony is also known as Saint Anthony, saint Anthony of Padua, Anthony of Lisbon. He was also given the name of a Doctor of the Church. He died at the age of 35 at the poor Clare monastery.

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