Surah At-Taghabun – Main Theme, Benefits, Virtues and Wazaaif

The 64th Surah of the Holy Quran is Surah At-Taghabun. It contains a total of 18 Ayats. It is a Madni Surah which means that it was revealed in Madina.

It takes its name from the wording “Dhalika yaum-ut taghabun” from verse 9 which is mentioned in this Surah.

Surah NameSurah At-Taghabun
Surah Number64th
No. of Verses18
No. of Rukus2
No. Of words242
No.of letters1066
Opening Muqattat3 Qad sami allahu

Theme of Surah At-Taghabun:

The main theme of this Surah is about inviting the people to faith and obedience to Allah and teaching all the good morals of life.

The first four verses address everyone. The verses 5-10 address the nonbelievers and the verses 11-18 to the believers.

In the first four verses, there is an explanation of the four fundamental truths:

  1. The universe is created by Allah. All power belongs to Him and everything belongs to Him. Everything He created is flawless and perfect.
  2. There is a reason behind the creation of this universe. It begins with a purpose and will end with a purpose.
  3. Allah created man with a choice of choosing right and wrong. It depends on the person to make his choice and Allah is always watching them.
  4. Everything has an end and the man will be presented to Allah on the Day of Judgment.

These are the four truths about the universe and the man. The non believers will be punished and thrown into the Hell, whereas the believers will be rewarded with the Heavens.

The reasons for the destruction of the previous nations were that:

  • They refused to believe in the Messenger of Allah who were sent for their guidance.
  • They also rejected to believe in the Hereafter, which completely corrupted the purpose of their existence.

Then come those who believe in the Creator of all. The following instructions were given to them:

  1. Allah blesses a person with guidance in his heart who remains steadfast in his Faith and for those who do not remain steadfast will remain deprived of the guidance from Allah.
  2. It is not necessary to affirm your faith with tongue. The person should embrace the faith in his heart. If he becomes disobedient, then he himself will be responsible for it.
  3. The person should have complete faith in Allah and should completely submit himself to Allah.
  4. The world itself is a trial for testing a believer which distracts him. Therefore, a believer should be aware of what is good and what is bad. However, he will also be misguided by the Shaitan. Therefore, he should be very careful in taking any action in his life.
  5. To every person there is a specified authority given. Allah does not demand anyone to do something beyond the level of his authority, instead he is told to do things which he can.

This was the guidance to the people by which they can be rewarded if they followed the following instructions and can also be punished if they did not follow them. This entirely depends on them.

Benefits of Surah At Taghabun:

  • The one who recites this Surah will be safe at the time when he will die.
  • The one who recites this Surah in five obligatory prayers will find it of great benefit in the Hereafter as it will intercede on the behalf of the person until he enters the Heaven.
  • Moreover, this Surah will also protect the person from the tyranny of the ruler.

Wazifa for Surah At Taghabun:

  • Take a bottle and recite Bismillah for seven times.
  • Then recite “Ya Hafeezu” 21 times and blow (do a Damm) on your body.
  • Recite Surah Ar-Rahman and Surah At-Taghabun 41 times and blow it on the water in the bottle.

This helps cure all fatal diseases that cannot be cured even by doctors.


This is a best Surah for those who want to get rewarded with Jannah on the Day of Judgment. This also provides safety from the harshness of the rulers and is a cure for all types of diseases.

Therefore, I personally advise you to recite this At-Taghabun as every Muslim wishes to get rewarded with Jannah instead of the punishment in Hell in the life after death.

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  1. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi hafiz Ali.
    I will really appreciate if you can provide an authentic hadith regarding the virtues of surah taghabun. Also if you can provide the source of the hadith JazakAllahukhairan

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