Bismillah Blessings, Benefits, Wazaif – The Best Guide About Bismillah

Every Surah of the Quran starts with a specific Arabic phrase i.e. Bismillahi al Rahman al Rahim. The word Bismillah meaning in English is “In the Name of Allah”. It is a phrase that means with the blessing of or with the guidance of, so Bismillah means with the blessing or guidance of Allah.

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Although each Surah in the Quran starts with this phrase except Surah at-Tawbah or Surah al-Bara’ah (Surah 9), it also comes in the Surah Namal (Surah 27) as part of one of its Ayah.

The basic meaning of this phrase is that whatever you do is because of Allah Almighty and for the blessings of Allah. It strengthens your relationship with the Creator of the World.

Bismillah Meaning

Rahman and Rahim are the two qualities and names of Allah Almighty. In this phrase, these two words are used to attribute or praise Allah Almighty the Most Powerful. As Rahman means The Gracious and Rahim means The Generous or The Merciful. Bismillah images and Wallpapers available on internet.

Benefits Of Saying Bismillah:

As you start your work with the name of Allah, it has numerous benefits for you.

  • If you recite this phrase, you will feel closer to the Almighty Allah.
  • If you recite Bismillahi al Rahman al Rahim, it will protect you from the Hell. And it is also narrated that who will recite Bismillah will be safeguarded from the Hell and also Allah will protect him from the angels of Hell or Jahanum.
  • According to the Hadith, any dua which begins with this phrase will never reject.
  • Whoever recites Bismillahi al Rahman al Rahim will get high status on the day of judgment.
  • It will protect you from the evil deeds of Shaitan or Devil.
  • If you feel pain in any part of the body, you can recite Bismillah by putting a hand on that part. It will give you cure from the pain.

Need to Recite Bismillah in Daily Routine

There are too many benefits of saying Bismillah in our daily life. You should always recite these words before doing your daily work life. For example, when you wake up, when you go into the restroom, before starting your breakfast, before leaving your home for office / school, before starting your work at the beginning of the day and so on.

When You Wake Up

When you wake up and recite these beautiful words, Allah will put blessings in all the tasks you face during that day. Then you go for your Fajr prayers and hence makes Wudhu for the prayers. Now, it is stated in the Saheeh hadeeth that there is no Wudhu without emitting the words Bismillah.

In the Beginning of Your Prayers

Then in your prayers, after praising Allaah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aala, you have to start Surah Fatiha with Ta’awuz – A’oozubIllaah and Bismillah.

Bismillah Before Starting Your Food

How many of us say Bismillah before we eat? One just grabs his burger and done. One eats all of his food without saying the words Bismillah before starting it and Alhumdulillah after finishing it.

You should always recite Bismillah before starting your food. The benefit of having this is that Shaytaan does not interfere with your food. It is narrated that when one enters his home and says Bismillah, Shaytaan says to his companions, you don’t have any place to sleep in this house and when one says Bismillah before starting your food, Shaytaan says to his companions, you don’t have anything to eat this food.

In case you forget to recite these words before starting your food and you remember in the middle, then you can utter these words, Bismillahi Awwalihi Wa Akhirihi meaning “In the name of Allah, in its beginning and end.”

Bismillah While Starting Your Journey

When you start driving, always recite these words at that time and these are very beneficial with all that hassle and danger on the road. You will feel the peaceful driving because of uttering these words just before starting your journey.

Bismillah Before Starting Your Office Work / School Lecture

When you start your office work or school / university lecture with Bismillah, Allah puts ease in your work and you feel this easiness and Allah’s help as compared to when you don’t recite these words or you forget to recite them.

Bismillah Before Going to Sleep

After finishing your day, when you lie on your bed to go to sleep, there is a supplication prescribed for the Muslims to recite. These beautiful words are Allaahumma Bismika Amootu Wa Ahyaa, meaning “Oh our Lord, I die with your name, and I live with your name.”

Bismillah in Arabic

bismillah arabic

You should always recite Bismillah in Arabic instead of saying its meaning in English or any other language as the words in Arabic have some special effect which you can’t feel when you say the translation.

The Power of Bismillah

The power of Bismillah can be understood from the story of a king and a boy when the king tried too many tries to kill the boy as he believed in Allah, but the king was failing with all his tries. Then, the boy told the king that he will not be able to kill him until he follows what the boy says. The king agreed the boy’s suggestion. The boy said that gather people on some place, and take an arrow and strike me with that arrow while saying the words Bismillah, then he would be killed. The king followed and he succeeded to kill him. When people saw this, they all at once said, “We believe in the Lord of this boy.”

Bismillah ka Wazifa:

There are many significances of reciting Bismillah. Similarly, there are various Bismillah ka wazifa.

  • If you want success in life or want to achieve any goal, just recite Bismillah 99 times in the Fajr time. You will get all the success in the life.


As you have already known the benefits of reciting these beautiful and powerful words. Make a habit to start your day and each task of your daily life routine with them and you will feel yourself Allah’s help added to your life.

This is the minimum Du’a before starting your food, before entering your house and so on. So, never forget to recite Bismillah from now on before starting any task whatsoever. None of us is perfect, and these reminders should be able to encourage us.

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