Bismillah ka Wazifa for success, money, financial crises and hajat


Bismillah ka Wazifa:

Bismillah ka wazifa-Every Surah of the Quran starts with the specific Arabic phrase i.e. Bismillahi al Rahman al Rahim. The word Bismillah meaning is “In the Name of Allah”. It is a phrase which means with the blessing of or with the guidance of, so Bismillah means with the blessing or Name of Allah.

There are many significances of reciting Bismillah. Similarly, there are various Bismillah ka wazifa.

  • If you want success in life or want to achieve any goal, just recite Bismillah 99 times in the Fajr  prayer time. You will get all the success in the life.
  • If you are facing any financial crises or loss, just recite it for about 786 times. All your crises will be solved or eliminated.
  • As everyone wants to increase their money or income. To increase your income, recite Bismillah 12000 times in a day.
  • If you have any Hajat or wish, recite this phrase for 1000 times in a day. Allah will fulfill all your Hajats or wishes.
  • Before making any dua, recite it 33 times. Allah will listen all your dua and your dua will be fulfilled.
  • If you are suffering from a headache, then recite it. It will eliminate your pain.
  • It will protect you from the Hell. Just recite it, whenever you have free time.


As you have already known the benefits of reciting these beautiful and powerful words. Make a habit to start your day and each task of your daily life routine with them and you will feel yourself Allah’s help added to your life. Start wazifa for any type of success with the help of Bismillah ka wazifa.

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