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Ramadan ki Dua l Sehri ki Dua l Iftar ki Dua l 3 Ashra Dua in Ramadan

Dua for Ramadan (Ramadan ki Dua):

Do you intend to be showered by Allah’s blessings this Ramadan? Just learn and recite Dua for Ramadan,Ramadan ki Dua,Suhur ki Dua, Iftaar ki Dua, and 3 Ashra’s Dua (prayers). You will definitely get countless blessings and mercy from Allah Almighty.
Dua for Ramadan Ashra

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar out of the 12 months. It is basically an Islamic month.

During this month, the Muslims spend 29 to 30 days is fasting and praying to Allah. This month is the most significant among all the Islamic months.

Importance of Ramadan:

Ramadan has its own importance in the religion of Islam.

Importance of Ramadan

As said above, it is the most significant month among all the 12 months of the Islamic calendar.

  • The first revelation was revealed in the month of Ramadan to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  • Out of the last 5 odd nights, one night is the night of decree known as the Laila-tul-Qadr. This night is considered the best night among the whole year.
  • Fasting is the 4th pillar of Islam.
  • Qur’an revealed in this month.
  • One fast in Ramadan is equal to fasting for 10 months.

There is a lot to say in the appraisal of this month. You can always look for the importance of Ramadan or the Importance of Ashras in Ramadan.

Different Duas in Ramadan:

In Ramadan, there is a certain dua for every Ashra along with the duas for Sehr and Iftar.

There is also a separate dua for the Taraweeh.

Ramadan ki dua

Ramadan ki Dua (رمضان کی دعا):

For 1st Ashra Dua – Blessings

This is the dua for the very first Ashra (pehle ashray ki dua) of the month of Ramadan to be recited regularly for the blessings of Allah;

Ya Hai’yu Ya Qayy’umu Bi’Rehmatika Astaghees

Translation: “Everliving! Everlasting! (ALLAH) I seek your blessing.”

Ramadan ki Dua for 2nd Ashra – Mercy & Forgiveness

This dua for the dosre Ashra  ki dua is as follows;

Astaghfirullaha Rabbi Min Kul’li Zanmbi Wa’Atubu Ilai’hi

Translation: “I seek Allah’s forgiveness for all my sins, Who is Lord, and I ask for repentance.”

Ramadan ki Dua for 3rd Ashra – Freedom for Hellfire

Below-given is the dua for the 3rd Ashra(teesray ashray ki dua) of Ramadan. You must recite it regularly because it will protect you from Hellfire.

Allahhumma Ajir’naa Minan’Naar

Translation: “Allah save us from the hells’ fire.”

Dua for Sehri (Sehri ki Dua):

dua for sehri in ramadan

For fasting, reciting this sehri ki dua (سحری کی دعا) for suhur after you have done your sehri is necessary;

Wa bisawmi ghadinn nawaiytu min shahri Ramadan

Translation: “I intent to keep fast today for the month of Ramadan.”

Dua for breaking the fast – Iftar Dua:

While breaking the fast at the time of Iftar, recite this dua for iftar (roza kholne ki dua; روزہ کھولنے کی دعا);

dua for breaking fast
Dua for Iftar in Ramadan

DUA 1:

Allahumma inni laka sumtu wa bika aamantu [wa ‘alayka tawakkaltu] wa ‘ala rizq-ika aftarthu

Translation: “O Allah, I fasted for You and I believe in You and I break my fast with Your sustenance.”

DUA 2:

Zahabadh-dhama’u wabtallatil-‘urooqu, wa thabatal-ajru inshaa-Allaahu

Translation: “The thirst has gone and the veins are quenched, and the reward is confirmed, if Allah wills.”

DUA 3:

Allahumma innee as’aluka bi-rahmatikal-latee wasi’ath kulla shai’in an taghfira lee

Translation: “O Allah, I ask You by Your mercy which envelops all things, that You forgive me.”

Dua for Laila-tul-Qadr

Allahumma innaka ‘affuwwun tuhibbul ‘afwa fa’fu ‘ann

Translation: “O Allah, You are the One Who pardons greatly, and loves to pardon, so pardon me.”

Sighting the Crescent Moon – Dua

Naya Chand Dekhne Ki Dua

Allahu Akbar, Allaahumma ahillahu ‘alaina bil-amni wal-imaani, was-salaamati wal-Islaami, wat-tawfeeqi limaa tuhibbu wa tardhaa, Rabbunaa wa Rabbukallaahu

Translation: “Allah is the greatest. O Allah, let the crescent loom above us in safety, faith, peace, and Islam, and in agreement with all that You love and pleases You. Our Lord and your Lord is Allah.”


Bookmark these Ramadan Dua for first, second and third ashras. Also read Sehari and Iftari Dua in Ramadan.

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