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Jummah Prayer Benefits – The Importance of Friday Prayer in Islam

Jumma Prayer:

There are number of benefits to perform Jumma Prayer according to hadith. The Friday prayer is obligatory for every man except the sick, the slave, the woman, and the child.

 What is the meaning of Jummah?

Friday is the fifth day of the week out of the seven days. The word Jummah means the day of Friday. It’s literal meaning is Congregation.  In Islam, this day is given the most importance than any other days of the week.

There are a number of Benefits of Friday Prayer. On this day, people are gathered at the mosques to offer the Friday prayer. It is noted that even if a man doesn’t pray regularly, he never misses the Jummah Prayer ever.

Importance of Jummah in Islam:

If this day is given such significance, there is a reason behind it. The importance of Jummah is Islam is as follows;

Narrated Abu Hurairah (R.A): Allah’s Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) talked about Friday and said: “There is an hour on Friday And if a Muslim gets it while offering Salat and asks something from Allah Almighty, then Allah will definitely fulfill his demands and Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) pointed out the shortness of that particular time with his hands. [Sahih al-Bukhari]

importance of jumma in Islam
Interesting facts about the day of Jummah
  1. Hazrat Adam (AS) was created on this day and he was also permitted to enter the Jannah on the day of Friday.
  2. On the very day, Adam (AS) was sent to the earth. He even died on Friday.
  3. On this day, there is one hour in which you can ask for anything and Allah grants you with His blessings.
  4. Friday will be the Day of Judgment when the time comes.
  5. Friday is the master of the week.

Friday hadith of the day:

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said:Of all the days, Friday is the most virtuous. It is on this day that the trumpet will be blown. Send abundant Durood Pak upon me on Fridays because they are presented to me on that day.”

The Holy Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him) once said; “When the Friday comes, at every door of the Masjid there stand Angels who write down (the names of) those who come First, then who comes next. When the Imam sits down, the records are closed and they come to listen to the reminder, i.e. the Khutba.”

Benefits of Jummah Prayer:

As this day is considered the best of the days; and the master of the week same as the month of Ramadan is known as the master of all the Islamic months, there are certain Benefits of Jummah Prayer that no other prayer can match.

Benefits of Jumma Prayer

Below are the merits of Friday and the Jummah Prayer;

  1. There is this blessed hour on Friday when your supplication is fulfilled, whatever you ask for is granted to you.
  2. Taking a bath for the Jumma prayer and going to the mosque for praying is equivalent to offering the sacrifice of a camel to please Allah.
  3. The bath for the Jummah prayer washes away your sins as the water drips from your body.
  4. If you enter the mosque for Friday prayer before the Imam comes, the angels write your name, and Allah offers His eternal blessings to Him.
  5. The steps taken to reach the mosque for the Jumma prayer are equivalent to the reward of praying qiyaam and fasting the whole year.
  6. This prayer is considered the best in comparison to regular prayers.
  7. Going to the mosque for this prayer and praying with the jamaat and the Imam is better than praying at home.
  8. Listening to the Khutba before the Jumma prayer is highly bounteous for every Muslim. It is obligatory.
  9. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) liked the Jummah prayer prior to the regular ones.

Finally, We must do these things on the day of Jummah (جمعہ).

  1. We must send lots of Darood upon Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). [Abu Dawood, 1047]
  2. Recite Surah Al-Kahf [Saheeh al-Targheeb, 836]
  3. Make a lot of Dua because there is a time every Friday when Allah (SWT) will grant it.. In Sha Allah. [Al-Bukhaari, 893; Muslim, 852]

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