Surah Ikhlas in Arabic

Hidden Benefits of Reciting Surah Ikhlas Daily

Surah Ikhlas in Arabic:

Surah Ikhlas in Arabic has given below:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

قُلْ هُوَ اللَّهُ أَحَدٌ 
اللَّهُ الصَّمَدُ 
لَمْ يَلِدْ وَلَمْ يُولَدْ 
وَلَمْ يَكُن لَّهُ كُفُوًا أَحَدٌ 

Recitation of Surah Ikhlas in Arabic and Urdu:

Here are mentioned some of the greatest benefits of reciting Surah Ikhlas in Arabic. Reciting Surah Ikhlas Arabic has many hidden Benefits and secrets for the reciter. A few of them are mentioned below.

Great Rewards:

There are many great rewards for the one who recites Surah Ikhlas  abundantly on a daily basis. Allah Almighty has created Paradise for the one who recites Surah Ikhlas daily with firm belief.


It is a means of attaining the love and blessings of Allah, daily recitation increases the Rizq, and if one recites Surah Ikhlas once while entering the house then it will eradicate the poverty from the house. It is also one of the best means to ask Allah’s forgiveness.

And always try to recite Surah Ikhlas after every Fard Namaz (compulsory prayer), it will allow that person to enter Jannah from any of its gates.

Below mentioned is a short Surah Ikhlas Wazifa for the daily routine:

  • The one who will recite Surah Ikhlas 1 time, will get the reward equal to ten times who believes in the teachings of Islam.
  • The one who will recite Surah Ikhlas 2 times, then Allah’s blessings will shower on the children of the reciter.
  • Recite Surah Ikhlas 3 times, and Allah will shower the blessings on the whole family and reciting it 3 times, is compared to the complete recitation of the Holy Quran.
  • Recite it 7 times, and Allah will build palaces for the reciter in Paradise (Jannah).


There are several blessings and hidden Benefits of reciting Surah Ikhlas in Arabic on daily basis, because everything written in Quran is for the betterment of humans and humanity.

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