Ayatul kursi wazifa

The Most Powerful Ayatul Kursi Wazifa to Solve Problems

Ayatul Kursi Wazifa:

There is a lot of importance of Ayatul Kursi mentioned in Holy Quran; it protects you from all the problems; protects your property, home and also from devils, and provides you with ultimate peace. Therefore we are sharing the most powerful Ayatul Kursi Wazifa.


Ayatul Kursi Wazifa has many blessings, importance and benefits for the one who recites it on a daily basis to seek Allah’s help and guidance.

When you recite it with Darood e Ibrahimi, then Allah bestows all your wishes and provides you armor against all the evil things. Here mentioned a detailed information about the effective Ayatul Kursi Wazifa to guide you with the best.

The Effective Ayatul Kursi Wazifa:


  • In case of any problem, keep 7 fasts and daily after Isha, pray Two Rakat Nafil: in the first Rakat after Alhamd recite Surah ALTariq three times and in the Second Rakat recite Surah Ikhlas ten times and then go into Sajdah and recite 70 times “Subho Quduso Rabil Malaykey Arroho” then soon after the Sajada 90 times recite Ayatul Kursi and pray for your problem to Allah. You can also add Surah Qadr and then pray to Allah for help.


  • Offer 2 Rakat Nafal Salah and in each Sajada, read Ayatul Kursi only 40 times. The total you have to read Ayatul Kursi is 160 times. Do not say “Subhana rabbi yal ala” in Sajada just recite Ayat ul You can hold a Tasbeeh in your hand to count the total number. After Salam recite Darood Ibrahimi 11 times and then pray to Allah for minimum ten minutes. This is the only condition for you that you must have to pray for minimum ten minutes.


  • Muhammad (P.B.U.H) stated that who will recite:

“Haa meem al Mu’minoon” up to “al maseer” and Ayatul Kursi in the morning, will be protected until the evening and whoever reads both of these on the night will be protected until the morning.”

In the end!

Always try not to miss the huge blessings and rewards and let’s learn it and recite it on a daily basis to ask Allah’s help in every situation and prompt others additionally. Hence we shall receive the big reward.

Let’s conjointly teach our kids, families, friends and to all the Muslims about the countless rewards of Ayatul Kursi Wazifa.

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