when is Ramadan in Dubai

When is Ramadan in Dubai | Ramadan Date 2020

When is Ramadan in Dubai (UAE):

Are you looking for when is Ramadan in Dubai or date of Ramadan 2020 in United Arab Emirates..

The month of Ramadan 2020 in UAE will begin in the evening of Sunday, 5th May and ends in the evening of Tuesday, 4 June Dates may vary.

Narrated Abu Bakra: The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “The two months of `Id i.e. Ramadan and Dhul-Hijja, do not decrease (in superiority). (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Dates of Ramadan (2016 to 2022):

Year First Day Last Day
2016 June 7 July 6
2017 May 26 June 24
2018 May 15 June 14
2019 May 5 June 4
2020 April 24 May 23
2021 April 13 May 12
2022 April 3 May 2

The Ramadan which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar is a holy month for Muslims. During Ramadan, fasting is obligated on every Muslim, man, and woman. They don’t eat, drink, smoke or inhale any sort of substance from dawn to dusk. Muslims are also encouraged to refrain from sins and indulge themselves in religious activities.

Life in Dubai Gets Quieter as Ramadan Approaches:

Normally, life in Dubai is pretty glamorous and liberated for both the Muslim and the non-Muslim population. However, as Ramadan approaches, the environment around you changes quite a bit. During Ramadan, all restaurants, bars, and clubs, with the exception of a few hidden cafes are closed during the day.

Publicly eating and drinking is also prohibited and may result in a heavy penalty if authorities catch you.

However, Ramadan in Dubai beginning in May will allow restaurants to experience a busy time after sunset as people will approach them for iftar and suhur meals.

Moreover, you will find shops, malls, and streets to be quiet empty during Ramadan as Muslims get busy in religious prayers and other holy practices. People are also expected to be dressed comparatively modestly during Ramadan.

The True Spirit of Ramadan:

Ramadan in Dubai will provide an opportunity to the government to set up charities for the underprivileged members of the society. Since Muslims are required to spend more and more during this month, NGOs and government funds are often successful in collecting enough money to help the poor and needy of the community.

Muslims also gather to perform a special prolonged prayer called Taraweeh after the Isha prayer. Moreover, the community comes closer during this month as they meet for iftar parties and religious gatherings.

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