when is Ramadan in Australia

When is Ramadan in Australia – The Ninth Month of the Islamic Calendar

When is Ramadan in Australia – Dates of Ramadan 2019:

Are you looking for when is Ramadan in Australia or date of Ramadan 2019 in Australia. As you know that Ramadan is an Islamic month. It is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar which consists of a total of 12 months like the Gregorian Calendar.

However, this month holds a greater significance among all the Islamic months. The month of Ramadan 2019 in Australia will begin in the evening of Sunday, 5th May.

Date and Day Observance:

However, the date and day are not the same every year for the observance of the month of Ramadan. You can notice a difference of 9 to 10 days of every month as the year passes.

Dates of Ramadan (2013 to 2019):

The exact date for the beginning of Ramadan in Australia is given below:

Year Date Day
2015 June 18 July 17
2016 7th June Tuesday
2017 27th May Saturday
2018 16th May Wednesday
2019 5th May Sunday

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet (ﷺ) or Abul-Qasim said, “Start fasting on seeing the crescent (of Ramadan), and give up fasting on seeing the crescent (of Shawwal), and if the sky is overcast (and you cannot see it), complete thirty days of Sha’ban.”

What Do people Do?

Well, in this month, Muslims people fast as a prayer. This month is considered a month of prayers, self-accountability, and a charity-giving month.

Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. Citizens of Australia fast in the hours of daylight as it is mandatory for every single Muslim of this world to fast in the month of Ramadan and all these practices are found to be done in Australia in this month.

Public Life:

During this month, in Australia, most of the business organizations and offices amend their schedules to stay parallel with the prayer timings for the convenience of Muslims.

Congestion is also noticed around the mosques in Australia at the time of prayers.

However, Islamic calendar will give you the predicted date of every Islamic month and festivals. As an Islamic calendar is based on the dates or the cycle of the moon.

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