Surah al Kafirun

Recitation of Surah Kafirun in Arabic

Surah Kafirun in Arabic

Surah al Kafirun is the most important Surah of Holy Quran. You can find the Surah Kafirun in Arabic version below.

surah al kafirun in arabic

However, you can also simply go through the Surah al-Kafirun English Translation or Surah al-Kafirun Transliteration to understand this Surah deeply.

It is never easy to understand a language you cannot speak. For that purpose, translations and transliterations exist.

Surah al Kafirun Background and Meaning:

The background behind the revelation of this Surah is that according to history, the non-believers used to come to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They used to offer some proposals to the Prophet of believing in their Gods and in return, they will believe, and worship Allah.

Such proposals kept on coming, the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), in answer, left the matter to Allah. This Surah was revealed for that purpose. It consists of six ayaat (Verses).

Reward of Reciting Surah al Kafirun:

The benefit of reciting this Surah; if you recite this Surah once, you will get the reward of reciting a quarter of the Holy Qur’an.

More to that, reciting this Surah will keep Shaitan away from you so that you can stay safe from sins and vices. You also purify your mind and soul when you recite this Surah.

Another benefit of reciting this Surah is that if you recite this Surah, Allah will keep you away from Shirk. As said that, Shirk is the biggest sin considered in Islam.

For reciting this Surah and rewarding yourself, read the Surah Kafirun in Arabic version or its transliteration (Surah al-Kafirun Transliteration).

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