Surah An-Nisa

Surah An-Nisa Blessings, History, Wazifa and Super Virtues

Surah An-Nisa:

Surah An-Nisa was revealed in Madina. It contains about 176 verses.

After Surah Baqarah; in terms of  letters and number of words, It’s the second lengthiest Surah of Quran.

Surah Name Surah An-Nisa
Makki/Madni Madni
Surah Number 4
No. of Verses 176
No. of Rukus 24
Juz’ 4-6

History & Period of Revelation:

Chapter An-Nisa may appear  theoretically to be the 4th Surah of Quran, but it was approximately the 100th Surah according to the classification of Surah based on the Islamic traditions.

For reference, please see Robinson Neal’s “Discovering the Quran: A contemporary Approach to a Veiled Text” London: SCM Press LTD. 1966 Print 77.

Another reference Amir-Ali, placed this Surah’s revelation as 94th, 92nd by Ibn Abbas and Jafer Es Sadik placed it as the 91st Surah in terms of its revelation.

This Surah is supposed to be revealed after the Battle (Uhud), where many Muslims were killed and some legislation were required for Orphans, as they were dependent on other Muslims.

As for this Surah in Quran, it can be observed from other examples as well that extension  of topic from previous Surah is picked up by the following Surah. Similarly, at the end of Surah Al-Imran (3rd Surah of Quran), there is discussion of male and female and their relation.

Content of An-Nisa:

As we all know, the Quran is the book of Allah, and it is a complete guidance for us. It has all the commandments and laws.

This Surah, (Surah Al-Nisa) does not only address the issues of women, but it also gives us the direction how to deal with a different situation. It has laid down for us, a complete guidance, laws relating marriages, Orphans,Jihad, legal practices, how Muslim communities should live together, and much more.

This Surah also tells us about Jesus, as the prophet, Not as the Son of Allah as it is claimed by Christians.

Another aspect of this Surah is, that it encourages Muslims to stand for justice and always help the weak.

It is written in verse 75 of this Surah,

“Why you should not fight in Allah’s cause, and for those oppresses men, women and children, who cry out , ‘ Lord, rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors! By your grace,  Give us a protector and give us a helper.”

Theme of Surah An-Nisa:

This Surah can be divided into three sections according to its theme.

  1. Social reforms
  2. The Islamic community and the opponents of Islam.
  3. Conclusion

Surah An-Nisa also deals with the topic of Bani Nadir, who was supporting the enemies of Islam, making plots against the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and Muslim communities. Although they had treaties not to do so, they were still showing their aggressive attitude against Muslims.

Bani Nadir was given a last warning for their behavior and misconduct. Finally, they were banished from the city of Madinah for showing such attitude.

Topics Included in Surah An-Nisa:

From verse 1-35, regulations and laws have been laid down regarding husband and wife. The laws of divorce and re-marry are also discussed in these verses.

How a family should conduct its smooth running. Laws of inheritance are also laid down in this section.

This section also tells us about the rights of Orphans.

From verse 36-42, it has message for Muslims how should they treat others. Their behavior should be just, fair and without meanness. Muslims should show generosity to other communities, as it is the crucial part of living among other communities. This attitude is also helpful to spread the message of Islam.

Verse 43 tells us about the importance of offering Salat. How it is important for Muslims to make their thoughts and body pure.

From verse 44-57, self defense instructions are laid down. Muslims have been told about the cunning practices of local Jews, who were making efforts against the Islamic Movement.

Verse 101-103 shows the importance of Salat even in the times of war. Instructions are led down to offer Salat even when your life is in danger or fear acts upon you.

Verse 104 tells Believers to be strong in their faith and don’t show any sign of weakness.

Verse 105-135 shows the importance of justice for a Muslim community to be strong. Muslims are directed to observe highest standards of justice, even with their enemies at war. Matters between Husbands and wives should also be settled a just way.

The last part of Surah Nisa, from verse 136-175, emphases of defense. Muslims should be ready to protect themselves from nonbelievers and their acts.

Muslims should also protect their beliefs ,  In Allah, In Revelation and in Life after death.

A strong message for Muslims led down at the end of this Surah is to truthfully believe in the message of his messenger, The Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Surah An-Nisa Wazaif:

The most common Wazifa of Surah Nisa is,

If there is any misunderstanding between Husband and Wife, the one who wants to clear this misunderstanding must recite this Surah continuously for seven days, one time a day. Any misunderstanding between Husband and Wife will be eliminated and Love between them will become stronger.

In another place, it is written that if Naqsh of Surah An-Nisa is hanged on any of the walls of home, That home will be safe from every danger.


Surah An-Nisa is the 4th chapter of the Holy Quran. It has led down the basic laws regarding Muslim Communities. Laws relating to Orphans and how should they be dealt with are also led down in this Surah.

Topics of inheritance,Jihad, remarry, hypocrisy are also discussed. Guidelines to pick women to marry are also given. Men are asked to deal with women justly and give them their Mehr.

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