Surah al Naas Transliteration

Surah al Naas Transliteration – A blessed gift for all the Muslims from Allah

Surah al Naas:

Make it a habit of reciting Surah al Naas on a daily basis as it protects you from all the bad things and evil things. It is the last Surah of Quran among the 114 Surahs.

Surah an Naas meaning is “The Mankind”. You can recite this Surah al Naas to kill the evil and enemy – it is the most powerful weapon a man can have.

Some sources describe that this 6 verse Surah al Naas was first revealed in the Makkah, so Surah an Naas is a Makki Surah.

When Muslims recite the Surah an Naas, they run across from the three most powerful Names of Allah – Rabbi An Naas, Malik An Naas and llah An Nas. The Surah al Naas transliteration is mentioned here to explain you about its importance.

Surah Al Naas Transliteration:

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

  1. Qul a’uzu birabbin naas
  2. Malikin naas
  3. Ilaahin naas
  4. Min sharril was waasil khannaas
  5. Al lazee yuwas wisu fee sudoorin naas
  6. Minal jinnati wan naas

Ibn Al-Qayyim said:

“The effectiveness of these Surahs is great to repel magic, evil eye, and the rest of the evils and the need for a slave to seek Allah’s protection from these two Surahs is greater than his need for self, eating, drinking, and wearing dress”


The Surah al Naas Transliteration is very short and very convenient, you can easily memorize it. And once memorized then try to recite on a daily basis, it maximum takes one minute to recite. Its rewards and blessings are countless. It should also be studied further to understand the importance of this Surah.

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