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Easy Steps to Learn Namaz(Prayer) – One of the main Pillar of Islam

Learn Namaz:

Prayer (Namaz) is one of the main pillar of Islam. According to some scholars, Namaz is praising Almighty Allah and his last messenger(P.B.U.H) while according to some scholars it is a meeting of a person with its creator. Importance of Namaz can’t be ignored as this is the only key to success. If someone’s Namaz will perfect, he/she will be free from all the sins. If he/she is involved in some sin, he/she should try to improve his namaz. Learning Namaz is not much difficult. Following are some of the basic steps towards successive learning of Namaz.

how to perform namaz

Learn Holy Quran:

If you are a beginner and don’t know Arabic at all ( it is obligatory to offer namaz in Arabic Language ), then you should learn the Arabic alphabets first along with the rules to pronounce those letters (These rules can be learn from noorani qaida). Once you do it, You are ready to recite the Holy Quran and you are able to learn the Namaz. Offer Five times a day
After learning namaz, Offer your prayer five times a day (this is must). Due to this regular behavior, you will learn the complete namaz in 5 to 6 days and will Insha-Allah never forget even a single word of it. By offering five time a day, Muslims learn regularity and consistency. It helps them in doing all the other tasks in time.

Prerequisites to Namaz:

You should be neat and clean while offering the namaz. You should do Ablution to clean yourself. Clothes should be neat and clean too. The place where you will offer namaz should not be dirty at all. All of these requirements should be fulfilled to offer Namaz. Can you go to your office without doing proper preparation? Off course No. Then how can you think of going in front of creator without preparation? Clean yourself, Clean each and everything to go in front of Allah.


Supplication is a necessary part of namaz. According to sayings of Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) “A slave becomes nearest to his Allah when he is in prostration. So increase supplications in prostrations”. In another Hadith holy prophet(P.B.U.H) said “He who is favored by another and says to his benefactor: `Jazak-Allah Khairan (may Allah reward you well)’ indeed praised (the benefactor) satisfactorily”. Ask anything from Allah, He is the most beneficent most merciful.

On the judgment day, the first thing which our creator will see is namaz. If our namaz will be correct and complete, we will go to heaven else other things will be tested.

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