Prayer times Glasgow

Islamic Prayer Times Glasgow UK

Prayer Times Glasgow UK

In Scotland, the largest city is Glasgow. The number of people converting to the religion of Islam is now increasing in Scotland, Glasgow. According to 2011 census, the religion Islam has now become the second largest religion in the UK. Prayer is the pillar of Islam and here is a guide to prayer times Glasgow UK for the people entering in Islam, especially.

prayer times Glasgow UK

Recite after every Prayer:

Mosques in Glasgow UK

According to an estimate, there are more than 18 Mosques in Glasgow. In the spread of Islam in the UK, the mosques are playing a positive role. The Glasgow central mosque is the largest mosque in the city. Here are the names of some prominent mosques in the city.

  • Glasgow Central Mosque
  • Al-Furqan Mosque
  • Masjid Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahaab
  • Islamic Center of Lancaster Mosques
  • Masjid Ibraheem Mosques

Namaz Times Glasgow

Allah likes the places built for his worship as he is the only one who deserves worship. He is the only creator of everything in nature. Prayer provides a way to the Muslims to worship Allah. This is the way of worshiping that Allah has told us and Allah likes those who offer prayers regularly on time. Offering prayer on time five times a day is a proof that we are a true Muslim.

This is the reason that Allah has made five prayers obligatory on Muslims living in any corner of the world. If you are unaware of the timings of five prayers of the day and live in Glasgow UK, this Salah times in Glasgow guide will help you.

Prayer times Glasgow

Prayer times Glasgow Guide:

Fajr Prayer times Glasgow 

At the start of the day, Muslims has to attend the class of Allah by offering Fajr prayer before the time of sunrise. The time to offer Fajr starts at different times during cold and warm months of the year. In January, the prayer time starts after 5:30 am. While in the month of May, the starting time is approximately after 3:50 am. Thus; Fajr Namaz times in Glasgow range is 3:50-5:30 am.

Dhuhr Prayer times Glasgow

When do the Dhuhr Namaz times Glasgow start? The time starts usually after 11:45 am during cold months like January. And during warm months of the year, Dhuhr Namaz starting time stars after 1:45 pm usually. It is good to offer prayer without delaying.

Asr Prayer times Glasgow

Muslims offer Asr prayer at afternoon, therefore, another name of Asr prayer is also afternoon prayer. The time to offer Asr prayer begins as the sun starts declining. During warm months, one can offer Asr prayer as the heat of the sun starts losing its warmness.

Maghrib Prayer times Glasgow

Maghrib Namaz times Glasgow begin after sunset. So, when the sun has set in, get ready to worship Allah once again. Try to offer your prayer before the spread of complete darkness on the sky.

Isha Prayer times Glasgow

Isha Salah Times Glasgow begin when complete darkness covers the sky. Muslims have enough time to offer the last prayer of the day until midnight. However; it is good if you offer prayer on time without delaying.

Here I am going to end Prayer times Glasgow UK guide. Being a Muslims, you must take out time to offer five prayers regularly. Also, avoid delaying prayer intentionally as Allah does not like this. Try to offer every prayer of the day on time and stay connected to Allah.

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  1. Why are there different prayer timings among different mosques? I usually get confused​ as I don’t know which to follow consistently.

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