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Need to know the exact prayer times Chicago,IL in USA

Muslims living in Chicago must observe and follow the exact prayer times Chicago to perform this religious obligation. Prayer is one of the most important parts of a Muslim’s life. It is indispensable for every Muslim to perform the prayer on right time. See the Chicago Ramadan Calendar 2017.

Following are the Chicago prayer times,IL for offering the prayers. According to the Chicago Islamic center time for prayers in the July 2016 are:

prayer times Chicago:

Recite after every Prayer:

Prayer is a religious obligation being performed by Muslims five times a day. Prayer means the connection between ALLAH (S.W.T) and his servant. A Muslim is in direct connection with the ALMIGHTY during the prayer. Prayer was made compulsory to the Muslims five times a day in the night of journey of Hazrat MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) to the heavens.

Muslims have been settled in the various countries of the world.It is compulsory for the Muslims to perform all the religious obligations along with the prayers five times a day. Islam is the third fastest religion that is being spread in the United States of America.

Namaz Timing in Chicago:

Muslims living in Chicago are also included in it.Remember that it is mandatory to perform the prayer on exact prayer timings.For the Muslims living in Chicago it is compulsory to know the right prayer times Chicago.

Muslim prayer times in Chicago:

It is emphasized to pray on the exact prayer times described in the Islam. Performing the prayer on correct time is not difficult now in the countries where Adan is not performed five times a day to remind the Muslims that it is the time to bow down in front of ALLAH (S.W.T). In Chicago Muslims can find the exact timings by checking prayer times Chicago. There are many websites available on the Internet from where Muslims living in the Chicago can easily find out the position of sun and the times of sun rise and sunset.

Prayer time in Chicago

Fajr time Chicago:

According to the position of sun Fajr prayer is being offered before the sunrise.

Dhuhr time Chicago:

Dhuhr is performed in the noon when sun is on peak.

Asr time Chicago:

Asr prayer is offered in the afternoon.

Maghrib time Chicago:

Maghrib prayer is offered in the evening just before the sunset.

Isha time Chicago:

Isha is offered at night when there is dark outside. In Chicago these days Fajr is performed at 4:03 am.

Prayer is a universal Muslim observance:

Prayer is one of the most important pillars of Islam. It is performed by the Muslims all over the world whether they live in a Muslim country or not. By performing the prayer Muslims not only fulfill their religious duty but it also connects the Muslims to each other. They perform the same postures and movements during the prayer. They utter same word that shows their unity which means they are one ‘Ummah’.

During the prayer Muslims show their humbleness and seek forgiveness, mercy and the blessings of ALLAH (S.W.T) who is the only creator. Prayer purifies our heart and soul and eliminates all the bad thoughts from our mind. It makes our connection stronger with ALLAH (S.W.T) when we bow down in front of HIM obeying HIS orders. As it is described in the Holy QURAN that Namaz restrains from evil deeds.

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