prayer times Birmingham

Muslim Prayer Times Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Prayer Times Birmingham:

See the accurate Muslim Prayer Times Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.

In the UK, Birmingham is the most populous city after London. According to 2011 census, the Muslim population is now increasing in the city at a greater rate. The dominant religion in the country is Christianity, but now the number of Muslim children is on an increase in this city. See the Birmingham Ramadan Calendar 2017.

Birmingham Prayer Times:

Mosques in Birmingham UK:

In this city, there are many mosques for the Muslims to worship Allah. In Islam, a Mosque is a central place where Muslims get together to show their unity and obedience to Allah five times a day and on other special occasions. According to statistics, there are around 161 mosques in the city. Here are some famous Mosques in the city.

  • Green Lane Masjid
  • Birmingham Central Mosque
  • Handsworth Islamic Centre
  • Central Mosque Ghamkol Sharif
  • Al-Hijrah Mosque

Salah Times in Birmingham:

If you are finding difficulty and do not know that when to perform which prayer of the day, see this Salah times Birmingham guide. Looking at the signs of nature, one can easily estimate the times to offer prayers.

  • Fajr namaz time in Birmingham UK start at different times during different moths of the year. In January, the Fajr Namaz time in Birmingham range is 5:34 – 5:39 am. And in June the Fajr Salah times in Birmingham range in 4:12-4:17 am. This way, the time varies during each month. However; the time to offer Fajr prayer always starts before the sunrise.
  • Prayer times Birmingham UK for the Dhuhr or second prayer of the day usually start at 12 p.m. During the month of January, the time to offer Zuhr prayer starts after 11:50 am. The time for Dhuhr prayer in Birmingham starts from 11:50 am to 12:54 pm during different months.
  • After the end of the time of Dhuhr prayer, prayer times Birmingham for the third prayer of the day start. The time to offer Asr prayer starts from 2:31 pm in January. And in June, it reaches to 4:35 pm. Similarly, it keeps on varying slightly between 2:31 pm to 4:36 pm in different months.
  • Prayer times Birmingham to offer Maghrib prayer start at the time of sunset. For Muslims, it is easy to measure the time to offer the fourth prayer of the day. Look at the sun and with the time of sunset, you can offer Maghrib prayer.
  • After Maghrib prayer, the Muslims get ready for Isha prayer to remember Allah once again with the end of the day. Right after the end of the time of Maghrib prayer, one can offer Isha prayer after 45-50 minutes of sunset. One must offer this prayer until midnight.

prayer times Birmingham


This is everything about prayer times Birmingham. According to different sects, the times for prayers may also be different slightly in different mosques of the city.  Keep these prayer timings in your mind to be present in the class of Allah five times a day on time.


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