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11 Nail Biting Facts About Today’s Muslims

Facts About Today’s Muslims:

I am going to share 11 nail biting facts about today’s Muslims.

1- Study in UK:

Now a days every single person either Muslim or Non-Muslim wants to go UK (United Kingdom) and study there.

2- Work in USA:

Every single person wants to get a job in the USA (United States of America).

3- English Speaking:

It is shame for all Islamic countries, who are focusing on English language, rather than on their own official languages.

4- Chinese and Russian Food:

We eat Chinese rice, Italian Pizza and Russian Salad in our daily routine life.

5- Japanese Electronics:

All over the world where Muslims are living, they only want to use Japanese Electronics (Tv, Cars, Air condition).

6- Vacations in Europe:

Muslims especially in Golf regularly spend their vacations in Europe. Similarly people in Pakistan and India who have lots of wealth, also spend their holidays in European countries.

7- Watching English Movies:

Almost everyone, children to young and young to old, every single person now a days watches Indian and English Movies. English movies are the biggest fitnah of dajjal now.

8- Oxford Syllabus:

People are keen to educate their children Oxford Syllabus rather than Quranic Education.

9- Indian Music:

Muslims who are living in Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, they like to listen to English music. Also in Golf and Europe where Muslims live in.

10- After Death:

“Every soul will taste death “and in the end of life, when they are near to death; they want to die in Holy city Mecca. Where Kabaa is located. Masjid al-Haram (“The Sacred Mosque”), is a large mosque in the city of Mecca, and the largest in Islam. And then after death they want to get buried in Madina near Masjid Al-Nabvi.

11- Jannah:

And afterlife, they want to live in Jannah (Heaven) on the Day of Judgment (Dooms Day).

nail biting facts about Muslims
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