islamic Wazifa to control your nafs

Wazifa to control your nafs – Islamic Wazifa and Information

Islamic Wazifa and Information:

Are you looking for the Islamic wazifa to control your nafs. Here you will get the Islamic Wazifa and information!

The interpretation of the Arabic word “wazifa” into English signifies “to utilize”. However, the term wazifa is all the more ordinarily used to allude to the act of recounting a few verses or expressions from Quran, Sunnah or other religious sources to look for a particular support or reward.

Islamic Wazifa to control your nafs:

After doing this Islamic wazifa to control your nafs you will have complete control over your nafs In Sha Allah.

  • For 11 days recite “YA MOAKHIR-O” (Allah’s name) 846 time daily after Asr prayer.
  • Read darood Sharif 9 times before and after reciting this.
  • After completing the 11 days, if you still feel you can’t control your nafs then continue this for another ten and then another twenty days respectively.
  • By then you will have complete control over your nafs.


Allah has put a lot of barakah in the Holy Quran and you can find the solution of all your problems through this miraculous book. Alhamdulillah, our scholars have vast knowledge and the ability to provide us with the Islamic wazaif that they have learned from their elders.

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