islamic prayer times

Offering the prayers at Islamic prayer times

Islamic Prayer Times:

Islamic prayer times – Islam has five basic obelisks faith, prayers, fasting, pilgrimage of kaaba and paying zakat. For a true Muslim it is compulsory to believe and perform these. Prayer is the second most important pillar of Islam so it must be performed at the described specific Islamic prayer times.

The purpose of our creation is to worship ALLAH (SWT). As ALLAH has said in the Holy Quran that

“I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship me”.

(Surah Az Zariyat verse no.56)

So the basic purpose of our creation is to pray and worship the ALLAH (SWT). The term prayer (salat, namaz) refers to the five daily prayers and the jumma prayer. Prayer is an obligatory act of worship that cannot be omitted except in a few circumstances like menstruation or 40 days of bleeding after childbirth etc.

We must offer the Prayer (salat, namaz) at the Islamic prayer times as it is forbidden to leave or delay the prayer. It is a most important obligation of a Muslim about which we will be questioned at the Day of Judgment so we should not consider it as unimportant. prayer times is different for each city and country.

The five daily prayers – Islamic prayer times:

As it is described in the Holy Quran:

“Bow down in adoration, and bring yourself the closer (to ALLAH)”.

(Surah Al Alaq)

And Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said:

“Prayer is the light of my eye”.

So Muslims perform five prayers in a day Fajar, Zuhar, Asar, Maghrib and Isha.

Fajar prayer:  Fajar is performed before the sunrise.

Dhuhr prayer: Zuhar prayer is being performed in the noon when the shadow of everything becomes twice of its size.

Asr prayer: Asar prayer is observed at afternoon.

Maghrib prayer: it is performed at the sunset until sky is darkened.

Isha prayer:  Isha is offered at night after the sunsets.

Delaying the prayers:

It is obligatory religious duty of every Muslim to offer the prayer at the Islamic prayer times which had been clearly demonstrated. Negligence in offering the prayer in time is a sin we commit without realizing the severity of punishment we will get due to our negligence. ALLAH says in the Quran:

“So woe to the worshipers who are unmindful of their prayers, those who (want but) to be seen (of men)”.


How to pray in Islam:

After ensuring the cleanliness start offering the prayer and say:


Open your palms and bring your hands up to the ear keep your thumbs behind the earlobe and say “ALLAH- O- AKBAR”.


Then keep your hands on your abdomen and recite complete SUBHANA-KALLAH-HUM-MA……WA-LA ILAHA GHAIRUK. Then recite surah Fatiha then surah Ikhlas or any other surah.


Then bend down and place your palms with open fingers on your knees and recite ALLAH-O-AKBAR then say SUBHAN A RABBIYAL AZEEM three times.


Then rise from the position of Ruku.


Then go down on surface place your hands and forehead on earth but remember to keep your elbows up.


At the end of rakats sit down and place your hands on your knees .Your legs must be bended towards back. At the end turn your head to the right and then left saying slam.

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