darood tanjeena wazifa

Darood Tanjeena Wazaaif – Get Blessed with 100% Endless Blessings

Importance of Darood e Tanjeena

If you are eager to know the Darood Tanjeena Wazifa, must read the information here. You will get an ultimate useful information regarding this wazifa, that will help you in every situation. You will also get blessed in this world and hereafter.

Darood e Tanjeena is a very powerful darood because of which Muslims all around the world recite it in their times of need. It has been taught to us by a religious scholar Shaykh Moosa Jarir (RA).

While he was traveling, his ship got caught up in a storm and began to sink. After trying everything else, he fell asleep out of worry. In his dream, he saw Prophet Muhammad SAW who narrated this darood shareef to him and asked him to recite it to save his sinking ship.

When he woke up, he taught the darood sharif to all his fellow travelers. After the darood shareef was recited 300 times, the ship got out of the troubled water and sailed safely. Following this incident, Darood Tanjeena is believed to be very effective in times of problems and calamities.

Darood Tanjeena in Arabic

darood tanjeena wazifa

How to Recite Darood e Tanjeena with Respect

Darood e tanjeena is a very respected Wazeefa and the reciter gets numerous rewards. Therefore, we need to follow some steps before reciting Darood tanjeena wazifa:

  1. Perform wudhu and wear clean clothes.
  2. Sit in a clean place.
  3. Recite Tauz and Tasmiya
  4. And with a clear intention in mind, make sincere and heartfelt du’a from Allah.
  5. Recite Darood e Tanjeena in the count of seventy or thousand (as per advised by different scholars)

Darood Tanjeena Wazifa

Darood Tanjeena is a very short darood and can be recited very easily. It is advised by some religious scholars to read this darood a thousand times in order to get rid of any calamities in your life. However, most scholars have agreed upon the count to be seventy.

Darood Tanjeena wazifa are recited to seek protection from all evils, black magic, and jinns. Moreover, the reciter comes under Allah’s shield and all his problems, difficulties and illnesses are removed by Him.
Most importantly, the reciter gets ample Sawab and countless blessings on the recitation of Darood Tanjeena Wazifa and his status is raised in both the worlds.

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