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Chicago Ramadan Calendar | Sehri & Iftar Times 2020

Ramadan Calendar Chicago:

If you are looking for the Chicago Ramadan Calendar 2018 and Ramadan Prayer Times For Chicago (Illinois, USA), you are at the right spot here!

“Fasting is a shield with which a servant protects himself from the Fire.” [Imam Ahmad, Saheeh]

However, I’m also sharing the dua for ramadan.

Ramadan Prayer Times For Chicago (Illinois, USA):

Chicago, Illinois, USA
Angle Based Rule
Islamic Society of North America, Hanafi
Thursday, May 17, 2018 – Friday, June 15, 2018

104:30 AM7:43 PM24 April 2020
204:28 AM7:44 PM25 April 2020
304:26 AM7:45 PM26 April 2020
404:24 AM7:46 PM27 April 2020
504:23 AM7:48 PM28 April 2020
604:21 AM7:49 PM29 April 2020
704:19 AM7:50 PM30 April 2020
804:17 AM7:51 PM01 May 2020
904:16 AM7:52 PM02 May 2020
1004:14 AM7:53 PM03 May 2020
1104:12 AM7:54 PM04 May 2020
1204:11 AM7:55 PM05 May 2020
1304:09 AM7:56 PM06 May 2020
1404:07 AM7:57 PM07 May 2020
1504:06 AM7:58 PM08 May 2020
1604:04 AM7:59 PM09 May 2020
1704:03 AM8:00 PM10 May 2020
1804:01 AM8:02 PM11 May 2020
1904:00 AM8:03 PM12 May 2020
2003:58 AM8:04 PM13 May 2020
2103:57 AM8:05 PM14 May 2020
2203:55 AM8:06 PM15 May 2020
2303:54 AM8:07 PM16 May 2020
2403:52 AM8:08 PM17 May 2020
2503:51 AM8:09 PM18 May 2020
2603:50 AM8:10 PM19 May 2020
2703:49 AM8:11 PM20 May 2020
2803:47 AM8:11 PM21 May 2020
2903:46 AM8:12 PM22 May 2020
3003:45 AM8:13 PM23 May 2020

It is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam and mandatory for every Muslim to have Fasts. It helps Muslims understand the suffering of the poor much better and it also maximizes our belief in Allah. The end of this month is celebrated on the day called Eid-ul-Fitr, which is an important religious festival for the Muslims.

Muslim Holy Month Ramadan 2020 will be celebrated this year in 25th May all over the World with peace and joy, even in the countries and states where Muslims are minorities in the population, like USA in which large number of people live in Chicago also. They try to do as many good deeds as possible to earn the maximum blessings of Allah Almighty and also cherish every day of Ramadan.

Mosques in Chicago, IL: 

  • Downtown Islamic Center
  • ICCI Mosque & Elementary School
  • Dar Al Hadeeth Masjid
  • Masjid Al-Faatir
  • Mosque Foundation of Chicago
  • Chicago Central Mosque
  • Islamic Community Center
  • Jama Masjid

Muslims in Chicago, Illinois:

Muslims, being the minority, are estimated to be from of Muslim Population in (Chicago, IL) 400,000 live in Chicago. It is the second large  number of the Muslim population in Chicago (IL, USA).

To conclude, that is all about the Chicago Ramadan calendar 2020, that is a source to keep you updated about the right prayer times in ramadan in Chicago.

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