Surah Fatiha Transliteration – The Greatest Surah in Quran Surah al Fatiha

Surah Fatiha:

Surah Fatiha Transliteration – Surah Fatiha is the most easy and memorize surah in Quran. The Holy Book Quran is a priceless book for the Muslims. Each and every word of this Holy Book is of great worth for every Muslim. There are many benefits the Muslims get by the recitation of this priceless book.

Surah Fatiha Transliteration:

  1. Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem
  2. Alhamdu lillaahi Rabbil ‘aalameen
  3. Ar-Rahmaanir-Raheem
  4. Maaliki Yawmid-Deen
  5. Iyyaaka na’budu wa lyyaaka nasta’een
  6. Ihdinas-Siraatal-Mustaqeem
  7. Siraatal-lazeena an’amta ‘alaihim ghayril-maghdoobi ‘alaihim wa lad-daaalleen

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