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Salah times to seek forgiveness and blessings of ALLAH (SWT)

Muslim Salah Times:

A Muslim bows down in front of ALLAH (SWT) five times a day and he by prostrating shows the sheer humility. It is one of the most important pillars of Islam. At Salah times the Muslims offer prayer with congregation which is the beauty of Islam that shows the unity.

Recite Every Prayer:

Meaning of Salah:

Salah is the Arabic word which means the worship. It is used specifically for the Muslims prayer. Salah is used to signify the Muslims act of worship which they perform five times a day. The Salah (namaz) is the act of worship that distinguishes a Muslim from a non Muslim.

There has been given more importance to Prayer in the Islam as it is the act worship which has social, mental, physical and spiritual benefits.

It is also a source to meet people and know about their problems as the Muslims offer Salah at Masjid with congregation and meet with one another five times a day. So they are better able to share the problems with each other at Salah times.

Muslim Salah time

Enacting the Salah to get closer to ALLAH (SWT):

As Salah is one of the important acts to worship ALLAH (SWT) so it is a way to get closer to the ALLAH ALMIGHTY. When a Muslim performs Salah five times a day that means he has the fear of getting punishment if he does not offer the Salah. The person who is regular and punctual at offering Salat at Salah times he has not fear on the day of Judgment as he/she will receive his book of deeds in his/her right hand.

Salah names and times:

Importance of performing Salah on time:

Salah is the act of worship that has been emphasized to be performed on fixed time. These fixed times as discussed before are clearly described in Islam. Salah times are being set on the movements of the sun if one is not able to understand these movements can easily set the times by checking the Salah times on the internet.

Benefits of offering Salah:

Salah is one of the important religious obligations that have benefits in this world and hereafter. By offering Salah we can get physical as well as spiritual benefits that are as follows:

  • Offering Salah is getting the happiness of ALLAH (SWT).
  • Salah keeps us far away from sins.
  • Salah will be the companion in the grave.
  • It is the source to get the blessings of ALLAH (SWT).
  • Salah gives the satisfaction of the heart.
  • Salah will save us from the fire of hell hereafter.
  • It urges us to get the Rizq-e- Halal.
  • It purifies our soul and heart from the bad thoughts.

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