Ayatul kursi wazifa

The Most Powerful Ayatul Kursi Wazifa to Solve Problems

Ayatul Kursi Wazifa: There is a lot of importance of Ayatul Kursi mentioned in Holy Quran; it protects you from all the problems; protects your property, home and also from devils, and provides you with ultimate peace. Therefore we are...

The Greatest Verse of Quran Ayatul Kursi Transliteration

Ayatul Kursi Transliteration: Are you looking For Ayatul Kursi transliteration in English? Below, I am sharing the Ayatul kursi transliteration. Allahu laaa ilaaha illaa huwal haiyul qai-yoom; laa taakhuzuhoo sinatunw wa laa nawm; lahoo maa fissamaawaati wa maa fil ard; man...
Ayatul Kursi Benefits

Ayatul Kursi Arabic & English Translation [Benefits & Hadith]

Ayatul Kursi: Ayatul Kursi is the Verse of Surah Al-Baqarah. The largest Surah of Quran Majeed is Surah Al-Baqarah. In addition, the verse number 255 of Surah Al-Baqarah is Ayat-al-Kursi. Indeed, Ayatul Kursi...


Dua e Qunoot in English

Dua E Qunoot in Arabic, Urdu, English Translation and Transliteration

Dua e Qunoot, according to the definition of the fuqaha’, “is the name of a duaa’ (supplication) offered during prayer at a specific point...