When is Ramadan 2018 in Iran – Right Date of Ramadan 2018

Ramadan 2018 in Iran:

Are you looking for when is ramadan 2018 in Iran or date of Ramadan 2018. Muslims fast throughout the day during this holy month. During fasting, Muslims refrain from food and water throughout the day in order to fulfill their religious obligation.

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Dates of Ramadan (2017 to 2030):

Given below the date of ramadan 2018 in Iran:


Ramadan First Day Last Day
2017 May 26 June 24
2018 May 17 June 15
2019 May 6 June 4
2020 April 24 May 23
2021 April 13 May 12
2022 April 3 May 2
2023 March 23 April 21
2024 March 11 April 9
2025 March 1 March 30
2026 February 18 March 19
2027 February 8 March 9
2028 January 28 February 26
2029 January 16 February 14
2030 January 6 February 4


Abu Huraira related that Rasulullah said: “Many people who fast get nothing from their fast except hunger and thirst, and many people who pray at night get nothing from it except wakefulness (Darimi)”.

When is Ramadan 2018 in Iran:

Iran is the state where a large number of Shia Muslims are living. These Muslims are from South Asian states, including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Islam is spreading quickly in the different states of the World. Muslim communities and organizations are also working in the Iran.

Muslims have full freedom to celebrate their religious festivals and traditions. According to an estimate, the majority of Muslims are Shia Muslims. In the Iran, during Ramadan, the special prayer of Tarawih is offered in various mosques. Muslims go to mosques for their extra prayers in the Holy month of Ramadan.

It is expected that Ramadan 2018 in Iran will start on 17 May (Wednesday) of Georgian calendar. But the confirm date will be announced by the Committee after sighting the Moon at the end of Shahban.

Islamic Calendar will give you the predicted date of every Islamic month and festivals. As an Islamic calendar is based on the dates or the cycle of the Moon. Muslim celebrate Holy Month of Ramadan 2018 in Iran on 16 May.

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