Right Timing for Dua Acceptance – When your Dua is Surely Accepted


Dua Acceptance/Approval – Situations Which Assure the Acceptance of Your Dua (Prayer):

When your Dua (prayer) is Surely Accepted:


  • At the time of Azan (Call for Salah). (Abu Daood).
  • Between the Azan and the Aqaamat. (Abu Daood).
  • A troubled or sorrowful person’s Dua, after the Azaan’s words/part: “Hayya-alas-Salah” “Hayya-alal-Falah”, when Mo’azzan is calling for the Salah. (Hakim).
  • In the Jahaad field, while the “Saff” is arranged. (Ibn-e-Habaan).
  • During the battle, when the Muslims and non-Muslims are killing one another. (Abu Daood)
  • After every Farz Salah. (Tirmzi).
  • During the Sajdah position. (Muslim).
  • After the recitation of the Holy Quran. (Tirmzi)
  • Particularly, after the recitation of the whole Holy Quran while complete. (Ibn-e-Shibta)
  • Particularly, the one who completes the Holy Quran. (Tirmzi)
  • While drinking Zum Zum. (Hakim).
  • While attending/seeing a deceased. (Muslim)
  • While the cock crows (in the early morning). (Bukhari)
  • At the time, when Muslims Gather.  (Saha Sina)
  • At the Zikr Majaalis (Religious Meetups). (Bukhari)
  • And when imam says…   (Muslim)

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