Prayer times in California , USA


Prayer Times Los Angeles California USA:

In Religion of Islam, Muslims pray five times a day to seek forgiveness and mercy from ALLAH (SWT). The Muslims are settled all around the world and they perform all the religious obligations as the other Muslims do residing in Muslim countries. Similarly Muslims living in California State, USA perform the prayers five times a day according to prayer times Los Angeles California.

Prayer is the religious obligation performed by the Muslims daily five times a day. It is the act of worship that distinguishes between Muslim and a non Muslim. Prayer is one of the basic pillar of Islam.

Prayer was made compulsory to the Muslims in the early age of Islam. Fajr and Asar prayers were made compulsory first. Then in the night of Mi’raj ALLAH (SWT) gifted the five prayers to his beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Then it was made incumbent to pray five times a day for every Muslim.

As Muslims live all around the World so it was difficult to perform the prayer in the countries where Islamic shariya does not work. But now it is not a problem anymore to find exact prayer timings. There are many sources on INTERNET that helps to find exact prayer time.

People living in the California can also perform their prayer according to the Los Angeles California prayer time. There are Islamic centers that help to find the prayer times and every one can easily fulfill his religious obligation on time.

Timings of prayers in Los Angeles California.:

Muslims perform five prayers a day these are Fajr prayer, Dhuhr prayer, Asr prayer, Maghrib prayer and Isha prayer. Following are the California prayer times :

Fajr prayer times in Los Angeles California.:

As the Fajr prayer is performed before the sun rise so time of Fajr prayer in California is 04:44 am on 27th July 2016. On minute will be added each day and on 31st July 2016 it will be performed at 04:48 am.

Dhuhr prayer time in Los Angeles California.:

Dhuhr prayer is performed after sun rise when sun light is at peak in the noon. So in California time of Dhuhr prayer is 01:00 pm on the 27th July 2016. Dhuhr prayer time will remain unchanged during month of July 2016.

Asr prayer times in Los Angeles California.:

Asr prayer is performed in the afternoon so time for Asr prayer in California is 04:44 pm during the remaining days of July 2016. It will be performed at 04:44 pm till 31st July 2016.

Maghrib prayer times in Los Angeles California.:

Maghrib prayer is performed before the sun set. In California Maghrib prayer time is 07:58 pm on 27thJuly 2016. One minute will be excluded each day and at 31st July 2016 it will be performed at 07:55 pm.

Isha prayer times in Los Angeles California.:

Isha prayer is performed after the sunset in the night. And in California it will be performed at 09:16 pm on 27th July 2016. One minute will be excluded each day and at 31st July 2016 it will be performed at 09:12 pm.


These prayer timings of California State are for the year of 2016. And will change each day according to the movement of sun. So Muslims must keep consulting to the mosques or the Islamic centers to find the exact prayer times of California.

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