What Are The Salah Times London for Muslim – United Kingdom


Accurate Salah times in London:

Being a Muslim it is onus on everyone to perform the Salah five times a day. Salah must be performed on correct times clearly been described in the Islam. A Muslim must have to implement this act of worship as an obligation irrespective of the country he lives in. This article is about Salah times London for Muslims living in the capital of United Kingdom.

Salah times London:

Muslims who are settled in London perform the Salah according to these Prayer times London:

Importance of Salah in Islam:

Islam is the true religion of peace, love and harmony. There is more than enough benefits lie in every act we have asked to perform in Islam. One of the basic fundamentals of Islam is Salah. That is enjoined on Muslims to be performed five times a day.

The importance of Salah is emphasized many times in the Holy Quran and Ahadith. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) stressed on Salah many times. He (P.B.U.H) said:

“Recognize that among your duties, Salah is foremost”.

Prayer purifies our hearts and souls truly. By establishing Salah five times a day we can attain spiritual devotion and moral elevation. It strengthens our faith in ALLAH (SWT). The key to the felicity and success is establishing Salah with humility and devotion. As it creates a deep connection between THE CREATOR and his servant. Salah abstains from doing heinous and ignominious deeds.

salah times in london

Virtues of offering Salah five times a day on time:      

Muslims living in London can also perform their religious obligation by offering prayers five times a day according to Salah times London. Salah has physical as well as spiritual benefits. Following are the benefits of Salah:

  • Fajr Salah:

As Fajr prayer is offered in the morning before sunrise so there are benefits of getting up early in the morning. You welcome the day by bowing down In front of ALLAH (SWT) that make your whole day a blessing.

  • Dhuhr Salah:

Dhuhr prayer is offered in the noon and you get a break in noon from work. After offering Salah you feel relaxed. And according to Ahadith the person who offers Dhuhr prayer ALLAH will send him against fire.

  • Asr Salah:

Asr Salah is offered in the afternoon. Losing Asr prayer is like losing one’s family and property.

  • Maghrib Salah:

Maghrib prayer is offered in the evening before sunset.

  • Isha Salah:

Isha Salah is offered in the night after sunset. Benefit of offering Isha prayer with congregation is like he has prayed half of night.

Muslims establish Salah five times a day these times had been elucidated in Islam fourteen and a half hundred years ago. It is not legitimate to delay the Salah without any fair reason. Salah is performed in different geographical locations at different times as the sun movement and visibility is different in every country. For example, Muslims living in London performs Salah according to Salah times London. And people who live in other parts of the world will perform according to local times of those countries.

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